Latrine Project Finished?

The structures are complete, the education is complete, and the toiletries are bought!  So this means the project is over right?  Maybe not…

I have been informed that the NGO who was assisting with the endeavor has now been extended because they have gotten more money.  With a high demand to build more household latrines, there is hope that we may start building again.  The director is coming up from Accra to visit next week so hopefully I will be able to get more information.  We also could use a new water pump…

Yes everyone is excited for the new school latrines but unfortunately there is one small problem right now…the teachers are on strike.  All across Ghana full time teachers are striking for better wages.  I can’t say I blame them since most teachers aren’t even paid the small salaries they are owed.  The problem is a lot of teachers don’t do their jobs or are just simply bad teachers.  Is this due to the poor pay?  Maybe.  But one thing is for sure that striking does not benefit the students.  Especially when they are supposed to take high school and college entrance exams next month.

Speaking of schools, I have been accepted to Indiana, Maryland, American and Chicago.  Notre Dame rejected me like I thought they would.  I’m obviously disappointed but it was also a long shot to get into the program I wanted.  However, I do have ND losing in the first round in one of my brackets.  I should hear from Arizona and Berkeley by the end of the this week, and then it will be decision time so stay tuned.

The end is starting to creep in a little bit here.  Next month we have our annual All Volunteer Conference which is a great time.  Then the next month a conference for all the volunteers who came in my group to help us prepare to leave.  It will bittersweet I’m sure.

I’ve uploaded pictures to Facebook (finally) of the latrine project.  Now I’ll just be waiting to hear the last from schools as well as the NGO director.  As always I will keep you all informed.  Enjoy your March Madness!




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